Best Advice on Starting a Band

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Whether you’re in high school and ready to take your guitar skills to the next level, or you’re in your forties and want to live out your dream finally: it’s not too late.  Bands are a great way to create a unit of people who trust each other and get to be creative together.  If you want this type of band, you should consider a few things while setting it up.

What Type of Band?

The most important question is what type of band you want to start.  Although your main thought may be that you want to play the bass guitar in a group: what does that group look like when you picture it?  Do you picture yourself in an alternative rock group like The Talking Heads, or do you think of yourself in more of a speed metal group?  The difference is vast, so you must try to answer this question before seeking other members to fill out the group.

What Musicians Do You Need?

Every genre of music has its unique sound.  When people look at bands for hire, they expect them to follow the guidelines of their genre.  Most people won’t understand or like it if the metal band they’re interested in has a random player on the synthesizer, just like how a classic rock band might feel weird if it has a DJ within it.  Figure out what type of musicians and singers the group needs and what kind of skills, background, and interests you want the players to have.

Where To Find them?

Finding other musicians to join your band is luckily easier than it might seem.  Plenty of musicians have the skill and desire to be in a bar but don’t have the drive or know-how to initiate and start a group.  Post in local listings like on Craigslist or Facebook, and let people know that you’re looking for someone to fill the roles you have available.  Make it clear what type of band you want to start so that you won’t have people trying to push back against that.

Ground Rules

Although you’re putting in the work and gathering these people: that doesn’t mean your opinion is paramount.  It’s vital that you gather all band members and ask what they want and envision will come from playing music together.  

Everyone’s going to have their schedules, limits, and tastes on what type of songs should be put out.  Although you can’t cater to what everyone wants, you should try to ensure that no one person is the only one getting their way.
Although it’s nice for the group to be friends eventually, it doesn’t always start this way.  Bands need time to group and change together, and although you may all start as strangers, being in a bar will help you grow to know each other.  If someone doesn’t work, it’s okay to change the group or go in a different direction.  After all, this is a creative pursuit!  Change is to be expected.