Best Geeky Gifts for Your Geeky Girlfriend


3. Star Wars Sphero BB-8 ($199.99)

The BB-8 astromech droid is best known for regularly getting into trouble along with Finn and Ray in LucasFilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Generally, the cute, little droid is available as an ordinary figurine, keychain, plush toy and can be found in many other forms. Of course, the most pricey, and yet ultimate, BB-8 themed gift would be the Sphero BB-8. This little guy is the best thing that happened to the toy industry in ages. This edition of the toy is app-enabled and gives the owners a chance to guide BB-8 with a smartphone. The latest version is the amazing BB-8 with a Force Band that allows you to move him with simple gestures. Yep, all it takes is some force-wielding and presto, watch him roll all over the house. If your girl is into Star Wars, this would be the best gift ever!