Hands down, these are the ballsiest Tom Cruise stunts in movies

Movie: The Last Samurai
Year: 2003
: Near-death sword fight scene.   

In The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise plays an American military adviser who is sent to train a brand new Japanese army that is mostly comprised of fresh recruits. Their goal is to prepare as they invade an army of veteran Samurai warriors who have been fighting wars for 1000 years. During the first encounters, Tom’s character gets captured by the Samurai and once again Tom insisted on doing the stunts himself. In one particular scene actor, Hiroyuki Sanada was fighting Tom on a mechanical horse, and Tom’s horse was supposed to stop short to prevent him from getting hit with a pretty sharp sword. The horse didn’t stop. However, it was thanks to the reflexes of Hiroyuki that Cruise managed to emerge from that scene in one piece.