Customer Rating: The Top Delta-8 THC Products to Buy


What can make or break a business?

A customer rating.

Peer reviews have completely changed the way we make decisions. For instance, around 65% of travelers won’t even consider booking a hotel if there aren’t any reviews about it available. Customer reviews are also incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating the hemp industry. 

As the hemp industry continues to thrive, new products are hitting the shelf all the time. Now, instead of only relying on CBD, health enthusiasts can also explore what delta-8 products have to offer. To help you find quality products, from trustworthy sources, we’ve created this short, but complete, delta-8 buying guide.

What delta-8 products are popular, and which strains will give you the results you want? Read on to find out!

Best Delta-8 THC Products for Different Health Conditions

For starters, to truly benefit from reading consumer reviews, you have to understand the intricacies of delta-8 THC as a product. You probably know that THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol.

However, what you might not know is that there’s more than one arrangement of THC. Delta-9 THC is the structure of THC known for getting users high. Once delta-9 breaks down, it becomes delta-8 THC. Unlike its older sister delta-9, delta-8 can deliver the health benefits of cannabis without getting you high.

What Product Fits Your Lifestyle?

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to using delta-8 products. You don’t have to stick to only using 1 consumption method or formula for your delta-8 products. Instead, consumers can enjoy a variety of delta-9 blends, that you can check here for more information about. Similar to CBD or traditional THC products, different companies will use different formulas to help customize your delta-8 experience.

Customer Favorite Consumption Methods

In addition to reading consumer reviews, you also have to consider what type of consumption method will be most convenient for you. While one person may enjoy measuring out their delta-8 dose using tinctures, you might benefit from a premade dosage, such as the ones that come in capsules.

Lastly, keep in mind that the way you consume delta-8 will impact the way you experience it in your body, as well as how long the effects last. Edibles take longer to kick in, but last longer, whereas inhaling delta-8 produces almost immediate effects.

Best Customer Rating for Vapes

Why vape delta-8? One of the biggest reasons vaping gets a great customer rating is the convenience of the delivery method. A vape cartridge is prefilled with a liquid form of delta-8 also known as distillate. Earlier we mentioned there are different blends for delta-8 products, and vapes are a great example of this.

For instance, you can explore delta-9 vapes that help numb pain or vapes that specifically help you focus. Some cartridges use a blend of CBD along with the delta-8, to help maximize the benefits. If you’re okay using regular THC, you can also find cartridges that blend delta-9 THC and delta-8. However, if you live somewhere cannabis isn’t legal, you won’t have access to delta-9 THC products.

Popular Vapes

You can purchase the cartridge on its own and then attach it to a battery. The battery, also frequently called a vape pen, will then heat the distillate so you can take a vaporized hit. We find that a lot of consumers are particularly fond of vapes that can charge with a standard USB port, and have digital displays.

It’s also important that you look for a high-quality vape pen, rather than the cheap alternatives. While cheap vapes may save you a few dollars at the beginning, they’ll wind up costing you more money over time.

Why? Cheap vapes break down, overheat, and have an overall poor performance. Instead, look for consumer reviews of vape pens that offer all of the digital features you need, along with a great performance. 

Look for companies that focus on producing quality vape pens with innovative features. As with any purchase, be sure to read several reviews before making your choice.

Smoking Quality Delta 8 Buds

Did you know the cannabis and hemp industry is expected to be worth $30 billion or more by 2025? One of the ways cannabis manufacturers reach a wide customer base is by offering the flower form of each product.

For instance, you can easily buy CBD and delta-8 buds. Customers love being able to have a traditional smoking experience, even if they’re not experiencing a traditional high. Another advantage of buying hemp flowers is that you can decide what strain you want to customize your experience.

Here’s some f the most popular delta-8 strains on the market:

  • Kush
  • Haze
  • Jazzy
  • Glue
  • Diesel
  • Cookies
  • Sherbert

If you’re having trouble deciding what strain of flower’s right for you, look to see what customers are saying about the flower’s effects. Rather than reading simple reviews that say “it’s great” or “it’s bad”, search for detailed reviews that dive into the effects of the strain.

Next, look for consumers who are dealing with health conditions similar to yours. What strains helped them achieve their desired results? For instance, let’s say you want to try smoking delta-8 to help you fall asleep at night.

Do a quick online search for “best delta-8 flower strains for sleeping”. Doing a specific search will make it easier for you to find the strain you need.

For instance, the Apple Jack strain of flower is popular for its ability to help make users feel relaxed and sedated. Whereas smoking blue dream delta-8 is more likely to make you feel uplifted, and energized.

Preroll Perks

If you want to try smoking delta-8 but don’t want to use a pipe, consider buying a preroll. A lot of consumers enjoy the convenience prerolls offer, and a lot of companies offer discounts when you buy in bulk.

Delta 8 THC Edibles

Next, let’s look at whether or not edibles are right for you, and how to find the best ones. Edibles, similar to prerolls, offer a convenient consumption method since you don’t have to measure out anything or use any smoking equipment.

Here are a few popular types of edibles:

  • Gummies
  • Chocolate
  • Brownies
  • Mints
  • Cookies

However, it’s important to note that when you take an edible, you have to wait a while to feel the effects. While some people feel the effects within 30 minutes, others report waiting as long as 2 hours before noticing a difference. Waiting to feel the effects pay off, however, considering that edibles affect your body for a longer period.

Finding Quality Edibles

Similar to looking for the right strain of flower, you can also do customized searches to find the right strain for edibles. For instance, let’s say you search for the best delta-8 strain for stress. One strain you’ll find popping up over and over again is Girl Scout Cookies or GSC.

While there are traditional THC forms of GSC, there are also CBD and delta-8 strains. Popular for its ability to relieve stress, and promote a state of calm, GSC edibles are very popular. If you’re looking to buy GSC delta-8 edibles, make sure you’re purchasing them from a reliable source.

In addition to reading relevant consumer reviews, you should also look for companies that have their products lab tested. The lab tests should be conducted by a non-biased 3rd party, and the results should be readily available for consumers online.

By reading the lab tests, you can verify that the products your buying are made from safe hemp sources. Quality hemp sources are free of harmful pesticides and toxic metals.

Top Delta-8 Oils and Tinctures

Another popular product with great customer reviews is delta-8 oils and tinctures. One of the reasons oils have such a great reputation is because they make it easy to customize your cannabis experience. For instance,e you can buy delta-8 oil and then use it to make your very own edibles.

You could even add the oil to a beverage, such as your morning coffee, to make your delta-8 drink. If you don’t want to wait for a half-hour or more to feel the effects of your oils and tinctures, you can also try a sublingual application.

Sublingual Application

Under your tongue, there are hundreds of glands. Some of the glands are sublingual glands, and they’re a great way to consume delta-8. Customers report that all they have to do is put their desired dose under their tongue. Next, wait 2-3 minutes for your glands to absorb the product.

Finally, take a quick sip of water to wash down any residual oils. Sublingual applications offer fast results, which can be great if your using delta-8 to combat acute pain or stress.

Popular Delta 8 Concentrate Products to Buy

Moving on, there’s also concentrate forms of delta-8 available on the market. Concentrates were a big hit among regular cannabis and CBD users. As a result, delta-8 companies are eager to give consumers what they want. When you refine delta-8 it can be made into a concentrated form that users can then smoke, just like you would a regular dab.

If you don’t know, a dab rig is a special smoking tool that resembles a bong. Dab rigs are used to enjoy concentrated forms of cannabis products.

The concentrated forms available right now are wax, crumble, and shatter. Both wax and shatter are hard, whereas crumble is more malleable. If you prefer, you can add crumble to a joint, or bowl of flower instead of dabbing it.

Tasty Rainbow

One of the most popular concentrates right now the rainbow concentrate. Rainbow has a sweet flavor, and it mixes great with traditional CBD. Customers report that dabbing rainbow makes them feel euphoric and relaxed, without altering their state of consciousness.

What Delta-8 Topicals Work?

Last but not least, let’s look at what type of delta-8 topicals are popular right now. Topicals are particularly great when you need to treat a localized source of pain. For instance, let’s say you were battling arthritic pain.

Around 24 million adults can’t do the activities they want because of intense joint pain. Thankfully, consistently applying a topical to the joints that are in pain, can help increase mobility over time.

Direct Application

When you ingest delta-8 orally or inhale it, the effects spread out through your entire body. Whereas, when you apply a topical you can enjoy almost immediate effects, in 1 specific area. As a result, users can maximize the pain relief they receive from using delta-8 products.

Applying Topicals

Before you apply your topical, clean the area of skin you’ll be putting it on. After thoroughly drying the skin off, apply a generous amount of the topical and massage it into the joint. Next, firmly place a bandage over the application site so the oils can be absorbed.

Popular Peppermint

One type of delta-8 topical that’s getting a lot of attention is the peppermint blends. In addition to providing pain relief, the sweet peppermint aroma can be a great mood booster. For the best results, we suggest looking for products that focus on using natural ingredients to make their topicals.

For instance, ingredients like avocado oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil, are all great to have in your delta-8 topical. Consumers are also reporting great results from using delta-8 topicals that are blended with a CBD isolate. Working together, delta-8 and CBD can deliver even more relief from joint pain.

Try Delta 8 for Yourself

Now you know about some of the best delta-8 products available today. Remember that when you review a customer rating, look for detailed reviews, and be sure to read more than one. Next, look for popular products that fit your specific health goals and lifestyle.

Go ahead and start shopping online for delta-8 products that you can try today. Once you find a product you’d like to try, review the 3rd party lab reports to ensure the quality of the product. For more tips like the ones in this article, check out the rest of this site.