8 Horrifying Christmas Characters That’ll Haunt Your Dreams

weird holiday creatures La-Befana


The night before the Three Wise Men visited the manger, they stopped at an old lady’s home seeking directions. (Wait, why didn’t they just use Google Maps?) After accepting her hospitality, they asked her to come with them to see the baby Jesus, but she was all “I’m busy putting lotion on my enormous face mole.” Later, the old crone came to her senses and decided to visit baby Jesus. Much like any sane person, she planned to give him gifts that belonged to her dead child. So she hopped on her broomstick and flew into the sky looking for B.J. (which probably isn’t the best abbreviation for baby Jesus). Unfortunately, she got lost and never found him.

Children in Italy hang stockings on the evening of January 5th (Epiphany Eve) in the hopes that a flying old bag will leave them gifts on her ongoing quest to find little B.J. On the bright side, La Befana is apparently a good housekeeper, and will sweep up the floor before she leaves. Seriously.