Dress Like This Guy: Dwayne Johnson
In Faster

Exspensive Affortable 02


Affordable: Banana Republic fitted cotton V-neck ($20)
High-end: Armani Collezioni short-sleeve tee from Saks Fifth Avenue ($115)

Johnson’s form-fitted tee highlights his chest and traps, and in the right light, you can probably see the outline of his six-pack. You probably don’t want to go quite so tight. In fact, may guys want to dress so the attention shifts from the bulge protruding from their midsection or moobs, which means they need to pay attention to what fabrics they choose.

“Heavy guys should stay away from bright colors and microfiber shirts,” Thomas explains. “Every french fry you ever ate will show. You’re better off sticking with soft cotton.” Whether or not you go with a v-neck or crew neck is preference, but some v-necks cut far too low; you don’t want tufts of chest hair poking out.