Dude Supplies Awesome Commentary In Crab vs. Octopus Duel [Video]

Dude Supplies Awesome Commentary In Crab vs. Octopus Duel [Video]

An Austrailian dude made a cool video 400 times cooler by using his entertaining Aussie accent to provide play-by-play as an octopus blindsided a crab, pulled the crustacean into the water where he presumably fostered it and took him in as one of the family. Or he murdered it.

The highlight is the guy’s commentary — or, really, just the accent — but after watching the crab die a wet and lonely death, we had a few thoughts …

1) Did the crab want to die? Doesn’t even look like he attempted to snip off a tentacle.

2) This scene belongs in Crocodile Dundee 4 (whenever they make it or reboot the franchise).

3) The girl who yells for her dad isn’t very smart. Nothing was eating or being eaten — the two sea dwellers were fighting.

4) The stickiness of Dr. Octopus mechanical tentacles was understated in Spider-Man 2. Just look at how sticky they are on those wet, slippery rocks. The film failed to relay that info to the audience. What a letdown.

5) Did the crab’s family hold a funeral or simply just say, “Welp, looks like Chris was devoured by something.” Probably the former.


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