Exquisite Cars Can Facilitate Meeting Single Women

Regardless of what one might say, cars still attract ladies like nothing else. Having money is good, and so are good looks. However, a car can get you laid almost every time, without question. The question remains what type of car quickens these hookups, and which cars should remain at the garage.

Of more importance is keeping a vehicle clean, rather than something extravagant that you cannot maintain. Keeping it clean involves more than detailing. It also requires maintenance and constantly ensuring the interior smells good. On that note, men who spend too much time working on their cars and even naming them are deterring ladies, not luring them in.

A Car Shouts a Thousand Words

Usually the bigger the better and this is true with cars too. Driving a Porsche gets you looks. However, a Mustang or Charger attracts the finest ladies on our charm date review, not off the streets. If you cannot afford big trucks and guzzlers, focus on something that attracts questions.

Sports Cars

These don’t have to be Ferraris or Porsches. Sports cars come in various sizes, at different pricing, and for different uses. The most popular sports cars are Subarus and Mitsubishis which youth don’t have to customize. The bad-boy image created while using these rides has a lasting effect on most young women. The idea is to portray having reached a certain status, even when you have not.

Ford Mustang

This is a popular American make and more of a jocks vehicle than anything. Those who own these machines rarely miss a chance at getting laid. It is said that some ladies get moist just hearing one purring next to them. Either way, a Ford Mustang demands respect especially if the owner took the time to add custom parts.

Dodge Charger

Certain automobiles attract ladies due to engine noises, while others perform too. Just as ladies need proof you can perform in bed, walking the talk is important with your marque. Vehicles with Hemi engines cannot help but make outright purring or roaring noises. These sounds come with loads of power; enough to push a lady back in her seat as you pull off. A dodge charger will get you the necessary attention from ladies, and the rest is up to you.


This machine shouts ‘I have made it’  and anyone driving one must have made it. These couples don’t attract any lady either. Chances of a lady with loose morals even thinking of hopping into the vehicle are low. You are likely to attract ladies with money, lives, and possibly some who are retired. This vehicle brings you refined women, and so it should because you have likely earned it.

Why the Attraction to Cars?

If it is not clear yet, let us explain why women love (fast) cars. The idea of speed is something everyone enjoys once in a while. Depending on where you are, speeding and clearing a speedometer might be on the bucket list. However, ladies love the thrill because it brings them out of their shells, and anything boring rarely sits well with them.

However, owning an exquisite machine is better especially when it shouts class. If you can afford a Bentley, go for it. And you will never have to prove how fast it travels. Instead, you will be slowing things up in the bedroom, or room of the Bentley.

Bottom Line

Don’t go overboard trying to please ladies with your automobile to no avail. A ride is an extension of you and should remain just that. Focus on getting your game right and then ante up with a vehicle of your choosing.