Four tips to protect your skin from blue light

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The blue light which emits from the electronic devices we are usually glued on can cause untold damage to the skin over a period of prolonged use. Besides risking your skin’s health benefits, it can cause strain to your eyes as well.

But first let us gain an insight of what blue light is, because you can minimize its effects by practising some healthy habits, which in turn will take good care of your skin.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a visible shade of light having a wavelength between 400 and 450 nanometres. It is said to be a cause of concern as it carries more energy per photon of light than the other six colors of the visible spectrum.

Impacts of blue light

With online learning monopolizing the start of the 2022-23 academic year, students have been spending nearly eight hours a day in front of their screens. Excessive screen time, especially for school students or those striving for an online masters degree, can cause dry eyes, strain, blurry vision and affects sleep.

Commonly used gadgets such as the smartphone, computer or laptop emit blue light that is harmful not only for the eyes but for the skin as well because of photo-ageing, which is known to weaken the barriers of the skin.

Ways to protect yourself from blue light

Blue light is not a new phenomenon that one should worry about. Apart from gadgets, a sizable amount of blue light is present in the sun’s UVB and UVA rays. Other LED gadgets and fluorescent lamps also emit blue light, but because people tend to use their phones and computers too often, the chances of skin deterioration become significantly higher. Here are four helpful tips to prevent the effects of blue light:

Use screen guards: Putting up filters on screens can act as a shield against blue light and thus reduce its harmful effects on the skin. While some gadgets may have an inbuilt setting, another alternative is to either minimize the brightness or switch the device to night mode to control the emission of blue light.

SPF can help: The blue light which is being emitted from your device’s screen is just as harmful as the UV rays of the sun. So even if you are indoors, apply the best quality screen with a broad spectrum SPF when sitting in front of the screen for a long time. Don’t forget to continue applying once for every hour you work.

Water-based moisturizer: Electronic devices generate heat which can cause skin dryness. To prevent it, apply a good moisturizer to your face at regular intervals to keep it nourished. Your best bet is a water-based moisturizer that is rich in hyaluronic acid that can tackle blue light and keep your skin hydrated. Wash your face: Washing your face at regular intervals will get rid of any radicals that occur when spending a long time in front of the screen. Make sure to take frequent breaks to reduce eye strain. You can also use a gentle cleanser, sparingly though, for dry skin.