Fun Activities for Long Distance Relationships


Long distance relationships are a fact of our lives now in the 21st century and this cuts across all types of relationships, romantic, familial, platonic and more.

We leave home in pursuit of various ambitions such as the development of a creative skill, to pursue a degree abroad or being sent on an international secondment by your company which would significantly improve your career prospects. These are only a few of the tempting reasons that see us or our loved ones relocating out of the city and, sometimes even worse, out of the country.

Thankfully, technology has made it so that the factor of distance does not bring our relationships to a halt, rather far from it, because there are a million and one ingenious ways we can virtually keep the spark alive and sustain the relationships that matter most to us when we can’t be in the same physical space. Let’s go through a short list of fun activities to engage in when we find ourselves in what can be said to be a nearly inevitable circumstance of being in a long-distance relationship –

1.    Online Games

Obviously being apart means everything happens online now but this should definitely not be perceived as some sort of disappointment or disadvantage. There are many exciting and versatile games available to people in long distance relationships (LDR) like online multiplayer games on PlayStation, online slots at Unibet, as well as other peculiar games of interest like online chess or online Tetris. The options are endless and this gives folks in LDRs an opportunity to explore various fun games online.

2.    Netflix Party

All thanks to Netflix we can now watch the same movie, at the same time and at the same pace from any part of the world without all the annoying logistics. Recreate a typical night in of watching movies together on the couch by signing up for Netflix, if you have not already and downloading the Netflix party extension, now known as Teleparty. It is like being in the same room and sharing the same screen with all the same functions of pausing, rewinding and even a comment box for the expected chit chat in between.

3.    Music Playlist

Sharing music is something a lot of people in relationships do and it does not have to stop just because you or they are away. It is easier than ever now to curate and download bespoke playlists that reflect a particular mood, celebrate an event or just as a nice gesture of love. Curating music playlists using any of the popular streaming sites is a fantastic way to share and be engaged in the same thing while apart.

4.    Video Calls for Cooking, Baking and Dining

It can be fun to choose particular meal or dessert recipes to prepare together over a video call on WhatsApp or FaceTime. Be open to making an event of even the smallest things. In all types of relationships and especially in LDRs, folks have to remember to be intentional about making time for one another by actually blocking timeout in their calendars to do stuff like preparing a nice meal together, making it special by setting the table and sharing the same meal, virtually.

5.    Shop Online Together

Alone or together, shopping is always a fun activity that everyone whether in a relationship or not can look forward to. Shop together or shop for each other by buying items off of each other’s wish list. It would be just like visiting the mall together and sharing in the joy of adding new items to your closet and buying each other precious gifts.

6.    Surprises are the Spice of LDRs

Buy your loved ones all their favourite local products and treats that they are very likely missing terribly. Being away from home is guaranteed to make anyone homesick so doing something sweet and thoughtful by putting together a surprise care package that arrives at their door just at the point when they need it the most would go a long way to make them feel a little less homesick.

We all know that long-distance relationships can be daunting but it is important not to get wrapped up in the inevitable sadness that comes with missing your loved one. The challenge is to find a balance by keeping yourself occupied and enjoying every bit of the time you have to yourself while also exploring the many fun activities you get up to together, while being apart.