Great Ways for Men to Wear Cardigans

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Looking to add a great classic piece to your wardrobe this fall? A cardigan is a great way to turn a normal look into a highly sophisticated outfit that can be worn to every type of occasion. From a birthday brunch to a work event, wearing a cardigan will make you look stylish and feel super comfortable.

Cardigans are a simple piece of fabric that will never go out of style. Whenever the weather is a little chilly, you will find that every single person you see is wearing some type of cardigan.

Many men avoid wearing mens cardigans out of fear that it will age them, but the truth is that cardigans are a timeless garment that will make both men and women look very chic.

Cardigans are generally worn as an outer or middle layer and there are ways to make it look perfect for any event.

Great ways to wear a cardigan

There are many different types of cardigans such as v-neck, cable knit, belted, double-breasted, longline, and shawl collar. However, you can wear them in many ways to improve your outfit.

  1. Over a t-shirt

Wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt is the most classical way to make a plain white t-shirt and jeans look chic. It is recommended to wear a men’s cardigan on top of a t-shirt if it is very lightweight to avoid making your outfit too heavy.

You can wear the cardigan with the buttons up all the way or leaving it undone like a jacket.

  1. Wear it over an oxford shirt

If you are sick of wearing an oxford shirt to work every day or to formal occasions, you can simply make your look more exciting by adding a cardigan over it.

You can pair a men’s cardigan with any outfit such as jeans and boots, as well as sneakers.

  1. A cardigan under a blazer

Want to impress everyone at a big work meeting? Put on a cardigan underneath your fancy blazer to leave a memorable impression. You can use a neutral colored cardigan such as light grey or brown with any type of pants, shirts, and jackets.

  1. With a v-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirts are the go-to tops for a lot of men, as they are super comfortable and make you look a little bit fancier than wearing a regular t-shirt. The great news is that you can boost your v-neck outfit by putting a men’s cardigan on top.

The best choice you can make is wearing a dark colored shawl neck that is on the thick side on top of a light grey v-neck shirt. There is no denying that you will look absolutely dapper in that outfit.

  1. Turn it into a dressy jacket

Wearing a blazer can get easily boring overtime. Luckily, you can change up your look by replacing the classic blazer with a chunky shawl neck cardigan for a professional and trendy outfit.

Switching your blazer with a cardigan can also be worn with a three-piece suit for the ultimate fashion boost that will make everyone turn their heads.

So as you can see there are many ways to enjoy a cardigan.. If you are looking for a versatile piece to add to your collection a cardigan is a smart and sensible choice.