6 Men’s V-Neck Shirts For Just About Any Style

Original PenguinWhat used to be considered a “metro” look, which is a dumb word created by unimaginative boners who were so used to wearing crew neck shirts that they got their (thong) undies in a wad when they saw some chest hairs creeping up. First off, trim your goddamn chest hair. Second, V-neck shirts are a good look for guys who have a toned upper body and want to accentuate it. Nothing wrong with that.

The V elongates a short torso and the right fit will snugly cover a dude’s pecs. (If you have moobs, don’t get a shirt that hugs you. Period). You can pick up a V-neck shirt in plain white and use it as an undershirt — most of these come in that colorway, and a V-neck tends to be hidden better than crew neck shirts if you’re not a stiff who buttons your shirt all the way up to your windpipe — or simply to kick around in. Whatever your preference, these six options will hook you up with what you need …

Best V-Neck Shirts For Men

Pictured: #1. Original Penguin Striped Linen Tee ($26 @ Amazon.com)
Break up the monotony of solid colors with a striped variety made from a cotton linen blend. Timeless and casual, this V-neck features a 30 percent linen construction that is lightweight, fashionable, and perfect for just about any occasion—especially during the spring and summertime.


Flatseven#2. Flatseven V-Neck Pocket T-Shirt ($23 @ Amazon.com)
The uniquely positioned front pocket and tailored panel design offer a designer take on an otherwise boring style. Crafted from breathable and lightweight cotton, this slim fit tee is perfect for layering or making a statement all by itself. Since it’s slim, keep your build in mind before considering this style. The last thing you want is for someone’s eye (read: a hot woman’s) to go from the pocket to the inner tube of blubber that’s jutting out from behind a cotton cloth.