9 Grooming Products Every Guy Needs

grooming products for all men body wash for dry skin#5. For Washing Your Body When It’s Real Smelly: Gillette All Over Clean Hair & Body Wash ($9 for a 2 pack @ Amazon.com)
This may come as quite a shock, so brace yourself: Sometimes, you stink. Your girlfriend’s lavender body wash can’t always cut it — do you want to smell like your girlfriend? — but Gillette Odor Shield Body Wash can. It’s able to block unpleasant smells before they begin (one might call this technology an “odor shield”), yet is still kind to your skin. It’s formulated to exfoliate dead skin — when it builds up, it makes body odor worse — and hydrate the new layer. And the total-body protection then lasts up to 16 hours.


get groomed redken#6. For Your Hair: Get Groomed Finishing Cream by Redken for Men ($15 @ Amazon.com)
Booze and hair care go together as well as … well, booze and a fair amount of other things. That’s why you’ll appreciate Fresh’s new hair cream, which treats your hair to sake, the same alcoholic elixir Japanese businessmen use to drown their sorrows. The non-greasy formula is also enhanced with Gotu-kola (a root extract that maintains lipids in your hair and scalp, which you need for healthy hair), jojoba and grapeseed oil for moisturizing, and of course the sake. Alcohol in some products can dry out your hair, but in this case, it actually helps conditions it.

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