9 Grooming Products Every Guy Needs

Grooming 101: 9 Products Every Man Needs feet hand tools#7. For Your Nails: Body Toolz Manicure/Pedicure Set ($31 @ Amazon.com)
You know how women get manicures and pedicures and paint their nails and wear fancy shoes? Well, that’s because they care about the appearance of hands and feet — including yours. That means you need to trim (not bite) your nails, keep your nails clean, and take care of the skin around them. Even though manicures aren’t only for women, it’s understandable if you have little desire to head to a salon. But in that case, you need to pick up a decent manicure set like this one from Body Toolz. Wedon’t even know what all the stuff in this kit does (rest assured, it’ll do whatever you need), but the cuticle scissors are gold plated. Ballin’!

grooming tools every man needs deodorant#8. For Your Pits: Herban Cowboy Natural Deodorant($6 @ Amazon.com)
Whether you’re hitting the court or appearing in court, sometimes you don’t just sweat — you stink. Well, Herban Cowboy doesn’t just mask the smell or use disgusting and potentially harmful chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate, tirclosan, or alcohol to combat your rancid pit stank. It’s a natural solution that smells so good you might end up burying your head in your pits just to take a whiff. Okay, probably not. But you get the idea.

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