7 Grooming Products Women Will Notice

men's grooming products women love deodorant old spice#5. For the couples who work out together
It’s great to work out with your lady … unless she puts up more weight than you on the bench press or squat. Then, it’s totally embarrassing to workout together. However, we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt. And while you two pump iron she most likely won’t mind if your armpits reek like days-old sauerkraut while you’re repping out barbell curls — but don’t expect her to put up with your stinky pits the other 23 hours of the day.

Battle any unwanted and unexpected underarm stench with Red Zone After Hours deodorant ($21 for a 6 pack @ Amazon.com). It’s not going to add any poundage to your one-rep max, but it’ll do something much more important — help you smell presentable for up to 24 hours thanks to its controlled scent release.

mens grooming product women will noice#6. For the uptown girl

Ever notice how every bottle and jar in her bathroom looks like it came from some British Apothecary circa 1890? And now think about how all of the bottles and jars in your bathroom … don’t look anything like that. Well, you can easily and affordably turn that around.

Show her you know how to class up your joint with a  bottle of Savon de Marseille Verbena liquid soap ($27 @ Amazon.com) next to the sink. It’s an upscale-looking bottle that offers a refreshing yet subtle citrus scent. So along with making it seem as if you’re an elegant dude, your hands will smell nice after using the can.

men's grooming products women love evoman#7. For the eco-conscious woman
If she thinks loving the Earth is groovy, she’ll dig that you dig EvolutionMan, a sleek and masculine collection of skincare products from a company that emphasizes green, ethical business practices and uses packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials. Pick up the EvMan Classic Skincare System ($13 and up @ Amazon.com) to cover all of your bases. It comes with moisturizer, lip balm, revitalizing eye gel, body wash, and shaving cream. Oh, and make sure you let her know the EvMan dopp bag is handmade from recycled tires. See? Environmentalism can be kinda badass.