Happy 30th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System!

The NES Power Glove

The Power Glove was a NES controller that attached to your hand; it debuted in 1989 for $75. Made famous from the villain Lucas in the Fred Savage 1989 film The Wizard, the glove was supposed to work seamlessly. Just look at how well Lucas can operate it in the GIF above!

Too bad it never worked that way. In fact, it rarely worked as advertised.

Even the games that were released to work with the Power Glove — Power Glove: Super Glove Ball (a 3D puzzle game) and Bad Street Brawler — didn’t work well.
nes power glove

Despite being a shitty accessory, the Power Glove grossed $88 million in sales. One of those customers happened to be Freddy Krueger …


nintendo rob accessory

The aforementioned Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) was also useless. The tiny robot was of little to no value, even with games created specifically for its use. To put it another way, Robot from Rocky IV > Screech’s robot Kevin from Saved by the Bell > R.O.B.