How Casino Surveillance & Security Technology Works Behind the Scenes


If there is one constant, apart from death and taxes, it’s that people will strive to scam a system whenever there is money involved. This brings us to casinos which, more than any other type of establishment except perhaps stock and currency exchanges, affect the movement and transfer of money.

Casino operators have built their entire business model on the fundamental human need to seek out the most significant advantage. Gamblers are constantly looking for ways to scam casinos. And so, the industry, especially in Sweden, highly prioritizes the implementation of the highest-end security technology to ensure that players aren’t getting around the house edge.

Much focus has recently been on the security that goes into safe online casinos like casino utan licens i sverige, due to their recent rise in popularity. Inevitably, brick-and-mortar casino gaming will come back into vogue, and when it does, casino security will be ready.

Read on to learn about basic and cutting-edge casino surveillance & security technology as revealed by Swedish author and gambling enthusiast Carlos Norberg. 

Biometric Face Recognition

Modern camera and facial recognition technology allow casinos to scan and catalog your face within minutes or even seconds of you entering an establishment. While the majority of casinos rely on trained security personnel to identify known cheaters by face, new advances in AI and biometric face recognition in use at higher-end casinos are making the process of identifying unwanted guests entirely automated.

The technology does, however, have its drawbacks. Most casino cameras are hidden away in the building’s ceiling, meaning any images of patrons’ faces they capture are at less than ideal angles for facial recognition. Likewise, a speedy and convenient biometric facial scanner requires a lot of processing power to compare a guest’s face with its database in a reasonable amount of time. 

Currently, recent laws requiring that masks be worn in public have thrown a spanner in the works of this technology, but some facial recognition software has been shown to still effectively identify people wearing face masks.

License Plate Recognition

In contrast with the previous technology, license plate recognition technology is much easier for even smaller casinos to implement. Cameras positioned outside the casino capture and catalog the license plates of all approaching vehicles and compare these to a database of vehicles known to be associated with cheats and other undesirables, allowing casino security to weed them out before they ever set foot inside the building.

Microchipped Casino Chips

Another way that many fraudsters try to scam casinos is through the use of counterfeit chips. Unfortunately for them, casinos have wised up; most casinos now use chips containing microchips with built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that makes them impossible to counterfeit.

At least one heist has already been foiled by RFID chip technology. When an unidentified individual stole $1.5 million in chips from the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, the casino simply turned off its transmitters, therefore rendering the chips useless.


One of the most innovative security systems to see use in Swedish casinos, TableEye21 integrates several surveillance technologies into one.

Above the table, a video camera captures all of the activity. The video stream is overlaid with live data of chips wagered and cards dealt, delivered by RFID chips and video-analysis software. 

As a result, Swedish casino security can access trend information from the hourly number of dealer rounds to the percentage of winning players in a game. Along with the ability to identify cheats, this innovative technology prevents dealers from working together with players to scam the casino.


The security technologies that  Sweden’s casinos employ protect them from unscrupulous individuals, but at the same time, they safeguard legitimate players from predatory financial tactics targeted at them rather than at the casino. As for the security features of online casinos and casino apps, learning how to develop these programs is a great start.

Technology has done wonders for casino players and owners who are safer than ever, thanks to ingenious developments that offer surprising and innovative security solutions.