Tips For Feeling a Woman Up

how to feel up a woman

How To Turn A Woman On By Feeling Her Up

The first thing you definitely do not do is tattoo your hands with “Place boob here” on the palm. I’m ashamed I had to bring that up, but, evidently, I did. Still, even though you’ve most likely been doing it since you were in middle school, you may find yourself lost when it comes to feeling up women.

Are you supposed to take charge and use some energy to press ’em with raw aggression, or ask her if she’d like a massage and gently rub her? If a woman is comfortable with you, she’ll let you touch her, and she’ll let you know if she likes how you’re doing it either verbally or through cues. If you don’t know the tells by now, you’re hopeless and should stick to masturbating furiously and steer clear of human boobs and other lady parts (these toys can help with your masturbation, by the way).

Obviously, preferences change from person-to-person, but I’m going to give you some basic advice that you can tweak — heh heh — as you need or want to. Women love when men touch them. Call it caveman brain if you want, but it’s true: heterosexual women love a man’s touch. Studies show that even small, non-sexual contact literally heats a woman up (aka turns her on). Touch her. We love to be touched. Tuck our hair behind our ears, breathe on our necks, rub our arms, sides, and legs. When you feel the time is right, grope us. If you’re ‘doing it wrong’, she’ll either tell or show you how she wants it.

how to feel up a womanIn a Q&A style article, one woman said that she thought guys tended to be too rough on nipples with their fingers, and not generous enough with light licks and flicks with their tongues. While I highly recommend giving the short answer a glance here, take into consideration the woman you’re groping.

Don’t be afraid or hesitant. Even if we aren’t comfortable being touched like that yet, the fact that you tries lets us know that you’re interested. It keeps you out of the friendzone, and you’ll find another opportunity later. Take the lead. Be a man. Even if you’re ‘wrong’, your forward behavior is sexy.

Find a sexy way to ask for feedback. The beautiful part of taking the lead is you can ‘demand’ feedback. Teasing us in sensitive spots and adding, “Like that?” in a low whisper will give you a baseboard to work with. Tweak what you’re doing or do something completely different and add, “What about that?” can be super fun for both of us.

Maybe these aren’t point-by-point to-dos, but for us sometimes the act is less important than the person behind it. If you’re confident, you’re sexy. If you’re sexy, what you do feels good. If you’re ever in doubt, say you want to explore our bodies. Find a few spots we just melt at the touch and play us like a fiddle.