5 Tips To Feel Full (Without Eating More Food)

how to feel full without pigging out

#4. Eat Stinky Foods
According to 2012 research, foods that emit a potent smell cause people to take smaller bites and chew more. The smaller bites do you a favor by tricking your stomach into believing it’s fuller quicker. The researchers suggested afterward that infusing food with stronger smells could help control portion sizes. This, we’re guessing, means more tinkering with food — something we’re not fans of. Instead, we’ll just stick with things like cabbage, mackerel, and whatever that dish is our neighbor makes with truck loads of curry.

#5. Eat By Yourself
Dining alone may enable you to avoid synchronization chewing with other diners. Seriously. Dutch researchers studied 70 women and found that as the meal went on, diners tended to chew at the same time. Of course, if you’re desperate for a date, screw it. Imagine telling a woman, “Hey, sorry. I can’t take you to dinner because I’ll eat more. How about we play Parcheesi after and have some wine?”