How to Find Your Platonic Soulmate

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A platonic soulmate is more than a best friend. This is a person you are not romantically involved with, but you are destined to be in close connection for the rest of your life. The platonic soulmate touches your life in a way that a significant other, best friend, or even an acquaintance can.

But why don’t I have a non-romantic soulmate, you wonder? Many people, and probably you, too, invest so much time and effort into looking for your “true love.” You often forget to pay attention to finding that person who is your perfect match. That person who is all you need in life and with whom you can share everything without fear of being judged–your platonic soulmate.

Signs of a platonic soulmate

Here are some things that can help you know you have found your non-romantic soulmate:

·  You have no secrets with them since you have shared everything there is to know about each other

·  You are comfortable with each other and can talk anything. There is nothing like “awkward silence” between both of you

·  People have confused you for a couple countless times

·  The platonic soulmate is a combination of a sibling and best friend

·  They are there to tell you the candid truth and to listen

·  You would rather spend time with each other than with any other person, and not for romantic reasons, but spending time with them beats anything else

·  They energize you rather than drain energy from you

Finding a platonic soulmate

There is no precise or definite pathway to finding a platonic soulmate. For some people, they have a mirroring experience in a very direct way. When meeting their soulmates, there is an instant connection, and they can tell that there is pure love despite all of their human weaknesses and imperfections between them.

While finding your platonic soulmate happens naturally, you could try to seek out people with whom you share common interests who are likely to become your non-romantic soulmates. You can take advantage of technology to link with people that you share tastes and interests with. You can check out Happymatches for some of the best apps for finding platonic friends.

Everyone can find a platonic soulmate and they are as intrinsically as lucky as those who have found theirs. The best thing is that when you finally meet your soulmate, you will be so fulfilled and won’t care how long it took for both of you to meet. After all, they have been there all along and it’s only that you hadn’t met.

Do not be a captive of fear

You have to go for fulfillment but not remain held up in the subtle fear that you are not good enough, demand too much, desire too much, and have to settle soon or be left out. When you are free of that fear and negative mindset, you will meet your platonic soulmate over the course of your normal life.

It is critical not to be caught in the mentality promoted by fear that make you feel that there is something very wrong or rotten about you and you do not meet the standards. You must avoid remaining a myth of the thought that you are alone, separate, and not good enough to deserve pure love.


Platonic soulmates have inexplicable connections that give incredible fulfillment and are characterized by deep understanding and appreciation. The notion that there is only one kind of soulmate–a romantic soulmate–is wrong. There are fulfilling relationships devoid of any romantics. So, do not be surprised or worried if you find your platonic soulmate. Just embrace the relationship and keep making each other happy and fulfilled.