What To Ask On A First Date To Avoid Awkward Silence

HT Score A Second Date

The difference between a first date and a good first date? The conversation. And you’re responsible for carrying half of the load to ensure that flows well.  So, how can you keep the conversation rolling with hiccups? You can’t.

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However, if you ask the right questions — read: unique questions that aren’t boilerplate or lame — you’ll up your odds of keeping her chatting with you. Which, by the way, can lead to a second date. Plus, the right first date questions will provide insight to her personality and priorities and allow you to avoid awkward silence.

gem and the holograms1. Gem or She-Ra?
There’s no wrong answer, but She-Ra is more of a badass like He-Man (despite his awful bowl haircut). Gem can lead into a musical discussion since she was fond of rocking out with the Holograms. If she has no answer you can ask her which cartoons, if any, she watched as a kid. Duck Tales? Scooby-Doo? Power Rangers? If you strike out there, try for TV shows. If you’re out of luck there, get the bill and leave. She’s awful.

2. Before going to a movie do you go by the trailer and your gut or do you read reviews?
We do both, and so might she. What does that tell you? Not a whole lot. But it does allow you to dive into, “What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?” without it seeming forced.

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