How To Get a Food Named After You

salisburysteakSalisbury Steak
In 1888, Dr. James H. Salisbury combined minced beef with a number of other ingredients: onions, milk, mushrooms, pork, eggs, “isolated soy protein” — no one’s sure exactly which. These days, similar ingredients are mashed together until they resemble a steak and served with brown sauce. Sounds super healthy, right? Dr. Salisbury thought so. He allegedly instructed his patients to eat it three times a day with large glasses of very hot water … while avoiding vegetables.

Horticulturist Rudolph Boysen created a new species of berry in 1923, but the cross between a blackberry, raspberry, and loganberry (BONUS KNOWLEDGE: They were created by James Harvey Logan) almost didn’t make it to the masses. Boysen abandoned the crop after he broke his back in an accident and gave Walter Knott, creator of Knott’s Berry Farms, his remaining six plants in 1932.

Knotts planted and cultivated the plants, and began sell the berries at his farm. When people asked the berry’s name, Knotts responded, “boysenberries.” We would have called them Dragonlaserberries, but whatever.