How To Get Rid Of Eczema

how to get rid of eczema

How to Stop Eczema

First the bad news: there’s no cure for eczema, a skin ailment where patches of skin get dry, itchy, and inflamed. It looks like a rash but looks way worse — like a red spot invested with dead skin, essentially. Keeping it under control can be as simple as switching soap or as difficult as getting a doctor to prescribe a steroid (not the Lance Armstrong type, obviously). First things first when you’re looking to get rid of eczema …

1. Don’t Scratch It
As tempting as it is to pop a zit that’s ready to burst, you’ll be even more tempted to scratch your eczema. Don’t. Doing so will make the incessant itching worse and potentially open the skin. Instead, rub the area with the palm of your hand to help soothe the itching and keep it getting infected from the dirt and bacteria of your filthy nails.

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#2. Keep The Area Dry
It’s all but impossible during the summertime, but sweat will further irritate the eczema sensitive skin and can induce further breakouts. Since you can’t build an air-conditioned bubble — and if you do, mind sending one our way to sample? — apply baby powder to absorb sweat when you feel a sweat creeping up.


how to get rid of eczema#3. Moisturize
And do it often. Eucerin Intensive Repair Very Dry Skin Lotion ($18 for a two pack @ is a good, cheap option that’ll help Moisturizing is one of the best ways to combat eczema. This is especially crucial in drier climates and during colder months when the air is dry eczema-prone skin needs extra pampering, hydration, and moisture. Try applying lotion immediately after showering and throughout the day to lock in moisture.

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#4. Use Mild Soaps
They’ll help prevent your skin from drying out. Check out some of the best bar soaps for men here.

#5. Take a (Bleach, Vinegar, or Oatmeal) Bath
Add a small amount of bleach to the tub and soak in it for 10 minutes two to three times per week to decrease bacteria on the skin; vinegar, too, kills bacteria. With oatmeal, the paste can soothe the itching.

#5. Steroid Creams
There are a number of OTC steroid creams, like hydrocortisone, that can help get rid of mild cases of eczema, but you may have to get a doctor to go with the heavy duty stuff for more severe cases. Just be sure to ask the doc if the steroid can mess other things ups and cause breakouts.

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