How to Know if She is Talking to Someone Else

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Whether you’re just two months or years into a relationship with her, there are valid reasons why you’d want to know if the girl you’re in a relationship with is talking to someone else.

From previous relationship experiences to preventing unnecessary heartbreak, there is no limit to why a man can start to feel insecure about the relationship he is in.

Moreover, experts believe that when you start wondering if she’s talking to someone else, then there might be actual reasons to believe so.

But to help confirm or dismiss your suspicion for your peace sake, we’ve explained the several reliable ways to know if she’s talking to someone else.

However, it’s best to consider if she’s demonstrated three or more of these attributes before confirming your suspicion. Women aren’t the only ones who may be talking to someone else — men will do this too. Here’s how to hack your husband’s Whatsapp.

Still, wondering how to know?

See how to know she’s talking to someone else below:

1. She Engages her Phone More

“Sometimes, at the onset of cheating in a relationship, there’s a phone addiction problem,” says Psychologist, Matthew Adams.

This happens when both partners are present in the same physical space, however, the significant other is getting ignored while her phone is getting more attention.

“Moreover, women demonstrate love by wanting to spend more time with their partners, whether through chats or physical meetings. So when the opposite starts to happen, it’s clear that they’re talking to someone else,” Matthew adds.

2. She Keeps Her Phone Away

Anyone cheating has a lot to hide on their phone; from their messages, contact information, to their picture gallery, there’s also the social media chats.

This means that if she has reasons to conceal her chats or is storing many pictures of someone else, she’d jealously keep her phone from you.

“Is she suddenly using a lock pin and keeping the same from you? If she does, then there’s a need to be worried,” says Dr. James Brown, a relationship expert and author of the book, Women Cheat, Too.  

“Transparency is an attribute of a healthy relationship. You should see if that exists in your relationship from time to time,” says James.

3. She’s Irritated by You

“When a woman starts to withdraw from her man emotionally, she feels irritated by him, usually for no good reason. This behavior includes getting upset over things she used to laugh about,” says Catherine, author of I’m Also A Woman.

A situation like this is obvious when you try to hug her out of the blue or when you show up unannounced. So watch out!

4. She Doesn’t Say I Love You Anymore

Of all the signs, this is a sure-fire one.

“When your woman doesn’t say I love you back or doesn’t even say it anymore unless you do, it shows that her feeling for you is diminishing,” stated Bill, author of How Love Works.

Thanks to her honesty, you can move on in time.

5. She Doesn’t Share Her Plans Anymore

“A girlfriend who isn’t sharing her plans with you is doing so with someone else,” says Matthew.

Even as little as going to a coffee shop later in the evening or submitting her dissertation, if she’s still into you, she wouldn’t keep such tiny details of her schedule from you.

That’s why you should compare how much she used to share with you and how much info she shares with you now. This tip will help you see if she’s talking to someone else or not.

6. She Doesn’t Speak Your Love Language Anymore

Whatever your love language may be, a woman who’s in love with you would speak it.

“Women go the extra mile to please the man they love. However, if she’s not interested in making you happy through your love language like she formerly does, it shouldn’t be surprising when she breaks up with you suddenly,” says Bill.

7. She Doesn’t Want to Hangout with You

A healthy relationship usually involves couples spending quality time together.

“You can tell your girl is talking to someone else when she starts turning down your meetings, whether it’s on Skype or a meeting at an eatery, especially when there’s no valid reason for this,” says Steve, a life coach, and matchmaker.

8. She’s Becoming Toxic

“Usually when people start finding interest in someone else they begin to find reasons to complain and argue with their partner. This trait is also true for a woman. It becomes so easy for her to see your imperfections when she’s no longer into you,” says Catherine.

Consider how many times she’s complained about the things she never used to, it could be the sort of gifts you buy her or even the smell of your perfume.

When this situation becomes worse, she becomes rude to you which may start to tell on your self-esteem and mood.

9. She’s Not Returning Your Calls

Women who are talking to someone else rarely appreciate a couple of phone calls from their partner.

“Sometimes she can ask that she cuts the call for flimsy reasons, other times she may not pick at all and not even return the call,” says Matthew.

It’s just a sign that she’s losing interest in you while her interest builds up for the other guy.

10. She’s Not Posting Your Pictures Online

As long as she used to show off your pictures on her social media status or on her timeline, not doing so anymore can be a sign that she’s seeing someone else.

“Asides that she’s losing interest in you, other reasons she may avoid putting up your picture could be not to upset the other guy,” says Psychologist Matthew.

Moreover, if there are no good reasons why she now finds PDA inappropriate, it’s a strong indication she’s talking to someone else.

11. She Threatens a Breakup

Have you lost count of how many times she’s threatened to break up with you? 

Experts say when your woman is quick to use the breakup line, it’s a clear sign that they want to be with someone else.  Besides, the reasons for these threats are usually flimsy.

12. She Doesn’t Forgive You

Forgiveness is an integral part of any thriving relationship and a major attribute of a woman who is in love.

“Women who are in love aren’t one to find faults in their partners. So refusing to forgive your casual mistakes is a positive sign that you’re not her fantasy anymore,” says Steve.

13. She Has a Dating App

Truly, the excitement of being in a relationship with you is enough reason why your woman would delete any dating app on her phone.

“A cheating girlfriend would utilize such an app claiming it’s for the fun of it. No, it’s not. They simply are desiring to be with other people. Plus, if you find her utilizing phonechatlines, it goes to show that she’s definitely talking to someone else,” says Bill. Of course, she may try to hide that she’s on dating apps – or, as we mentioned earlier, she may be hiding her phone from you in general. In that case, we recommend performing a reverse phone lookup on When you search her number on this tool, it’ll show you every dating app she’s on, even if it’s connected to another phone number she owns.

14. She Doesn’t Care About Your Feeling

She’s sure to disregard your feelings if she’s talking to someone else.

“If she cares about you, she’s not going to be posting some other guy as her man crush Wednesday or leaving amorous comments on other people’s pictures. Moreover, if you express reasonable grievances regarding some of her actions and she continues with them, it’s a clear sign she’s talking to someone else,” Miranda says.

No doubts, a combination of these behaviors is an unmistakable hint that they’re talking to someone else or finding another guy more interesting. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to want to win her back or not if the relationship isn’t becoming toxic for you.


The best way to find out if she’s talking to someone else is by having an honest conversation with her about what’s going on between the two of you and expressing any concerns that have arisen due to changes in behavior.

In addition, keep an eye out for red flags like sudden changes in social media habits, suspicious texts/calls late at night, and emotional distance from yourself which could all point towards something more serious happening in your relationship like infidelity.

At the end of the day though it’s important for both partners involved in a healthy relationship trust one another so communication key when it comes any suspicions of cheating..