5 Ways To Become a Better Liar


When people lie they tend to unconsciously make fists, put their hands in their pockets, or otherwise hide their hands. “In interrogation, repeat offenders know that the hands are a key place to be observed, so criminals actually practice lying with the palms of their hands exposed,” Wood says. So act like a good little criminal and show your palms. It comes off as a submissive, nonthreatening gesture that tells the other person you’ve got nothing to hide … even when you do.

You’d think that having a strong emotional reaction, like laughing at something that isn’t all that funny or getting easily irritated, would make someone suspicious that you’re lying — but that’s not typically the case. “Most people aren’t aware that overblown emotions are a cue that someone’s lying, and they usually work because it’s a distraction to the person that’s listening to your message,” Wood explains. “They can’t read your anxiety because you’re covering it up with a different emotion.”