5 Ways To Become a Better Liar


If possible, avoid absolutes. Using the “Do I look fat in this dress?” example, you know you can’t say yes even if she does. But saying something over the top like, “No way! You look so thin people are going to think you’re anorexic — the good anorexic!” is way too obvious. Instead, try not answering the question directly and then quickly changing the topic. The non-answer answer may be enough to distract her. Explains Wood: “It’s the typical way good liars do it: ‘Yeah, you look great in that. Hey, do you want to go out for cocktails tonight?'”

When people lie, they’re usually ashamed of it. But making eye contact isn’t enough to put you in the clear; you have to control your nonverbal signals. “I have a concept I call ‘up versus down.’ When you’re being honest, typically your body language is up and forward. When you don’t feel good about what you’re saying, your body language might go down as you try to control the information.” Common “down” tells include slumped shoulders and pointing your feet toward the exit or away from your conversation partner.

You know how when a person is lying his voice might get higher and tighter at the end of a sentence? Wood calls that “invisible question marks.” Watch out for that, since it’s a good sign someone is bullsh*tting you. So when you’re the one lying, take some deep breaths and make sure your voice remains steady throughout.