How To Tell If She’s Had Some Work Done

More than 9 million plastic surgery procedures were performed on women last year. I myself have never gone under the knife, but I did get Botox once. (I was offered a 50 percent discount from my dermatologist. How could I pass that up?!) Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal for a woman to have a cosmetic procedure, and you may not think so either. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that most people are curious busybodies who would like to be able to tell when someone has gone under the surgeon’s scalpel.

So if you suspect she’s had work done, but don’t feel comfortable asking — or, more accurately, don’t care enough to risk a fight by asking — use these six sneaky ways to suss out the truth.

First do some recon and poke around for old pics of her to use as a comparison. Not old as in last Halloween, but pictures from her prom or some other event before she was old enough to decide to get surgery herself — and afford it. Of course, if her surgery was performed by Dr. Schlotkin, a botched rhinoplasty might leave her nose looking out of proportion, overly bulbous, pointy, or drooping.