How to Wear Rose Gold: A Style Guide for Men

If you love gold jewelry but are bored with the typical yellow and silver varieties, then rose gold is the perfect shade for you to try. Rose gold has been holding strong as an elegant, stylish accessory choice for the last several years and is growing in popularity in the world of men’s jewelry.

Whether you’ve wanted to try out a premium quality rose gold chain and aren’t sure what to wear it with, or you’ve been a fan of pink gold and are looking for new ways to show off your pieces, this rose gold style guide for men can help you get inspired to wear this unique precious metal.


What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold’s rise to fame began in late 19th Century Russia when jeweler Carl Fabergé used precious metal to create an ornate decorative egg as a gift for the Czar and his empress. To create this unique shade of gold, the designer mixed yellow gold with copper, creating a new metal alloy with a blushing appearance.

Today’s rose gold jewelry is made the same way by combining pure yellow gold with just the right amount of copper to create a perfect rosy hue. Depending on the combination amounts, rose gold pieces give off varying levels of pink to orange-pink.

Why Is Rose Gold Popular?

Rose gold is the consummate symbol of luxury and decadence. It is popular as a material for both men and women’s jewelry because it:

  • Works with all skin tones
  • Gives a youthful appearance
  • Looks great with many colors
  • Is durable and resists tarnishing
  • Is more understated than yellow or silver gold

How to Wear Rose Gold

Wearing rose gold is a fun choice to bring out the romantic, soft side of an outfit. It is also a nice way to bring an upbeat touch to an ensemble, highlight the blush in your skin tone, and bring a sense of compassion and warmth to your aura. When deciding how you are going to rock your rose gold accessories, consider the following tips.

●      Combine with Complementary Colors

Rose gold chains are versatile accessories that go with different color shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Rose gold accessories work especially well with neutral colors like black, beige, cream, white, and navy. For example, a gorgeous rose gold Figaro Chain would look charming with a dark gray knit sweater or add a flirty touch to a beige t-shirt.

Rose gold also works well with mint greens, some sky blues, and ensembles that feature a pop of rose gold fabric. Generally, it is best to avoid wearing rose gold with solid yellows, reds, and oranges, although you can always get creative and use your intuition when pairing your rose gold pieces, depending on their exact hue.

●      Mix It with Other Accessories

Don’t be afraid to wear your rose gold pieces with other accessories. Rose gold looks great with both gold and white gold, so you can pair your rose gold necklace with a flashy, diamond-studded gold chain or wear your rose gold bracelet with a pristine white gold band around your wrist. The rose gold brings out different yellow and white gold elements, making for a visually fascinating combination when worn together.

●      Rock Rose Gold Gemstone Pieces

Rose gold pieces with gemstones look amazing for men because the rose gold tends to tone down the fancy element. While gold and white gold accessories with precious stones can appear too aloof for the occasion, rose gold can highlight a gemstone while also keeping it casual.

Rose gold works especially well with diamonds. Wear a rose gold diamond bracelet to show off your bling in a comfortable, relatable way that still conveys a sense of elegance and style without blinding onlookers with a bold gold background.

●      Wear Elegant Timepieces

Rose gold accessories like an elegant rose gold diamond watch offer you a way to combine function with fashion. Rose gold watches highlight colors in unique ways and give your timepiece a sophisticated appearance. Rose gold watches are unexpected and show the world that you are comfortable with unique designs and materials. You can opt for a watch with a rose gold band or bevel, depending on the look you desire.

●      Highlight the Occasion

Rose gold is synonymous with lust, romance, and love. Although you can wear rose gold on almost any occasion, it is the perfect choice for those moments in life that have to do with celebrating love. Go all out with an iced-out Miami link Cuban chain to celebrate your anniversary, or a more subtle rose gold chain for a first date. You can also try a rose gold pinky ring for just a touch of flirtatious energy at the club.


Taking Care of Rose Gold Jewelry

When you start wearing rose gold, you may notice that it looks dull after a time. Rose gold does not tarnish, so all you’ll need to do to keep your rose gold looking clean and elegant is give it a good clean now and then.

If your piece has precious stones settings, you’ll want to take it to a professional cleaner, but if it is just a simple piece of rose gold, you can clean it at home. All you’ll need is a small bowl of warm water and gentle dish soap and a small brush, and a non-abrasive cloth.

Submerge the piece in the water and let it sit for a few minutes, and then rub it gently with the brush or cloth. Take your rose gold jewelry out, wipe it with a clean cloth, and let it air dry.

Rock Your Rose Gold Accessories

Rose gold is a great way for guys to show off their fun, flirtatious side or just to experiment with jewelry that isn’t the expected white or gold variety. It is softer and more subtle than other precious metals and brings out warm tones in the skin. Rose gold goes great with neutral colors and is a fashionable way to add an interesting visual pop to your work ensemble or boost your outfit’s romantic vibes when necessary.

A few tips on where to buy affordable rose gold jewelry online or in stores

For those looking to buy rose gold jewelry without breaking the bank, there are a variety of options available both online and in stores. Shopping around can lead to some amazing deals on trendy necklaces, rings, and earrings that don’t require a hefty price tag.

For the budget-minded consumer, Etsy is a great place for unique rose gold jewelry pieces from independent boutiques. Bargain hunters may also check out Swap or consignment stores for gently used yet beautiful pre-owned options from past seasons.

Chain retailers like Zales and Kay Jewelers often offer sales promotions and discounts on select rose gold pieces which might be worth checking out when looking for more mainstream items in this elegant metal. Keep an eye on their website or promotional emails to stay informed about the latest offers so shoppers don’t miss out on any precious gems!