Is Permanent Hair Removal Something for Men?

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Whenever we think of hair removal, we tend to think it’s something typically women would do. The common perception is that men tend to favor the rugged look, rocking well-kept facial hair.

However, more and more men are becoming conscious of hair growth in certain places. And the fact is, hair removal is now accepted as a form of grooming associated with manhood.

Permanent hair removal has been around for over a couple of decades now, and it’s definitely here to stay. After all, it’s contributed to less discomfort at the gym, removal of crabs and other unwanted visitors, and the less time and bother shaving takes out of a man’s day.

We’ll show you how and why permanent hair removal will continue to grow in popularity among men as time goes by.

It all starts with the benefits we’re going to list down here.

1. Men Can Target Areas Where They Don’t Want Hair

Men are generally more hirsute than women, owing to the all-powerful wonder hormone known as testosterone (which men produce copious amounts of). This means hair growth in unsightly places, such as the toes, back, neck, and stomach. 

The beauty of permanent hair removal solutions is that you can target literally any area where you don’t want hair to grow in. 

2. Less Hair Makes a Fit Body More Attractive

Ever wonder why professional wrestlers and bodybuilders look awesome with their shirts off? That’s because they get their hair removed in the right places. That’s what gives them the carte blanche to rip off those shirts and flex those pythons, brother. And this is one of the times where laser hair removal is a winner.

3. Reduce Discomfort, Body Odor, and Itching

Body hair makes you itch. Body hair also absorbs odors, which can make you stink. That’s why permanent hair removal also removes the discomfort, odor, and general irritation that body hair can pose, and make it less of a nuisance. Plus, it just feels so fresh and clean. What’s not to love?

4. Permanent Hair Removal Hurts Less Than Waxing

Quite frankly, waxing hurts. But for men who wax, it’s a small price to pay to reap the benefits of having less hair where it matters. However, there are several permanent hair removal solutions that hurt much less than waxing does, the most common and most effective one being laser treatment. It’s quick, effective, efficient, and if you don’t feel like going to the salon, you can even do it yourself from the comfort of your own home (see here). 

5. Don’t Tan Before Getting Permanent Hair Removal

Exposing your skin to the sun or a tanning bed promotes production of melanin, which is something you’ll want to avoid if you’re taking laser hair removal treatments. This is because of its penchant for causing adverse reactions on your skin. 

Avoid tanning for two weeks to a month before undergoing permanent hair removal, and avoid tanning again for until at least a couple of weeks after undergoing a session.

6. Get a Shave the Day Before Getting Treatment

Shaving a day or the night before permanent hair removal allows the laser to get to and cut down the offending follicle with efficiency and quickness. It’s a must, don’t forget to do it if you don’t want to have your appointment rescheduled, or worse, get charged to shave it before undergoing the laser. Just do it – no two ways about it!

Permanent hair removal is definitely on the rise among men who are conscious about their looks, or who just want the freedom of not having to go through the bother of shaving literally every day. It’s gaining acceptance for the reasons we just outlined above. Why not give it a shot?