Lack Of A Sex Drive? Here’s Why

Lack Of A Sex Drive? Here's Why kids

5. Kids
Considering kids are typically the result of a sex drive, they can kill it shockingly effectively. They leave you with little time to spend alone with your lady, and they exhaust you (more on that in a second). So you need to find a way to budget sex into your schedule. Experts recommend actually scheduling time to have sex.

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6. Exhaustion
If you’re not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, any physical activity will seem like more of a chore — including rolling around in the hay. Even worse, a lack of sleep can make your erections weaker. So hit the sack.

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7. Poor Diet
If you eat little else but Skittles, Hot Pockets, and Crisco, don’t expect to feel or look great. Belly fat in particular can hinder your ability to get hard. (And no, not just because it’s in the way.) Eating a healthy, balanced diet will give you more energy, keep you lean, and improve your mood.