Learn How To Swim Faster Than A Shark

scull mmSCULLING
Sorry to those who are lazy asses. This is one of those “That sh*t burns!” moves. Sculling only requires you use your hands and forearms, and as slow and painful as it is, it’ll give you an advantage in the water. “This will help you feel the water better when you swim,” Sonia says.

How To Do It
• Float face down in the pool
• Extend your arms to your sides, away from your body, and bend them at the elbow so your fingers point to the bottom of the pool
• Moving your arms from only the elbow down, in a windshield wiper motion, rotate your hands in and out to propel yourself forward
• Do half a lap sculling and half a lap at an easy pace in the stroke of your choice
• Do 4 x 25 meters


swimfrontTHE ROTATOR
“The point of this drill is to get your body and core straight and tight,” Soni explains. By keeping your body position consistent in the water you’ll create less resistance and achieve greater speeds.

How To Do It
• Float face down in the water with your hands at your sides
• Use only your feet to propel yourself forward
• Rotate your body from side to side every five kicks, but keep your head facing the bottom of the pool
• Turn your head only to breathe, or use a snorkel to lengthen the drill
— Do 4 x 25 meters