Should You Bring Flowers On The First Date? Probably Not.

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Please Don’t Bring Flowers on Our First Date

You’ve been taught not to show up to places empty handed because it’s rude, but that might not be the case for dates. Sometimes it’s best to allow things to take off or fizzle without the help of props. Don’t bring me candy because I am on a Candida diet, so I’m not eating yeast or sugar. It’ll make me feel weird. As for flowers, what if the date totally blows? Then I’m stuck lugging them home. Look, flowers are a nice gesture, but here are a few reasons why you should leave them at the florist for the first date …

It’s Too Soon

We’re just getting to know each other, so while flowers seems like a cool, gentlemanly move, some women — ahem, ME! — may not see it that way. It could come across as a premature strategic move to force a connection and imply romance. (“Is he doing this just to get into my pants quicker? Did he lie on his Tinder profile!!?”) The flowers may make things more difficult for you, so show up with a smile and an open mind.

It’s Comes Off As Groveling (Kind Of)

“Oh like me, please, please, please!” I know you don’t mean it that. You’re really trying to say, “Let’s have a nice time, here’s a nice gesture.” That’s not how it comes across. Allow your charm and wit to win me over … and maybe some wine.

Instead of Flowers … 

These tips will be more useful than flowers on your first date:

  •  Talk about yourself only as much as she talks about herself. Ask her questions and if you get lost, build off of the last thing she says.
  •  Avoid mentioning ex-girlfriends, sex partners, or sex stories at all costs. Leave that for date 10.
  •  Keep your paws to yourself. Don’t rush the kiss, either.
  •  If you pick up the check, leave the tip, too. If she fights you, allow her to leave the tip or make a deal that she covers the next date.
  •  Keep your phone turned off. Pay attention to her.
  •  Don’t get sauced. Tipsy, sure. Blitzed? Don’t be an asshole.