Fun Places to Have Sex Outside of the Bedroom

fun places to have sex, making outWhere’s a fun place to have sex? Anywhere, of course! But the usual routine is to have it in a bed. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes going outside of the norm to find fun places to have sex can help keep things lively in the sack.

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When you commit to a partner, you have to come up with ways to inject some variety into sex or you risk letting things go stale. Changing up locations for your penetrations can be fun, creatively challenging and sometimes excitingly risky.


fun places to have sex, around the houseAround the House

The bedroom doesn’t have to be the only room for sex. The kitchen, dining room or an office are especially fun places to have sex that feel spontaneous and exciting in the right moment. Taking a shower with your partner can lead to a lot of fun as well, but you may need to purchase special waterproof lubricant. If you have your own laundry room and can negotiate the right position on top of the washing machine, a girl can have a great time on top of it during a spin cycle.

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