Fun Places to Have Sex Outside of the Bedroom

fun places to have sex, outsideOutdoors

This leads to a huge number of options. In a tent out in the woods while camping is a romantic and titillating┬áspot for the deed. If you don’t think you’ll get caught (you don’t want this one on your criminal record), a park or golf course can be dangerously fun places to have sex. And if you’re roadtripping through barren stretches of road, you can always pull over, and do it up against the car.


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fun places to have sex, elevatorSemi-Public Place

If an open public space isn’t enough for you exhibitionist types, try an elevator, library or even a furniture store with slow business. Sometimes fun places to have sex are closer to home. A night fooling around while visiting your parents’ house makes for some brave, youthful excitement.

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