The Importance of Good Shoes for Men

GOOD SHOES FOR MENThey say that you can tell a lot about a man based on the shoes that he is wearing. It also true that if you go to any major metropolitan city where fashion is even vaguely present, then you are likely to notice that women first look at a man’s eyes before quickly moving down to his shoes in order to take stock of his status and potential. Given these facts, good shoes for men are an item that could not be of more importance. Determining the right shoes to wear has plenty to do with the occasion. The level of style that you bring to any event lays its foundation in the shoes that you are wearing.

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Smart, casual looks can be a difficult balance. Living up to your potential as a relaxed though sophisticated individual is best achieved with Lavin’s Color-Pop Kicks, readily available at Barney’s. Regardless of the stuffiness level at any given soiree, it is never wrong to make a statement with your footwear. Good shoes for men can make their mark with color. Agi and Sam’s Oliver Sweeney Brogues (featured above) boldly revamp the traditional dress shoes with bright colors and crisp lines of orange that are offset by warm oaky browns.

Ultra-sophistication does not require going ultra-conservative. Elegance typically implies simplification with very subtle hints of character. The self-titled John Lobb Loafer fits the bill wonderfully. The dark leathers have a smoky quality that takes stunning dress to a new level. Although the price tag is not too friendly, there is no sacrifice that is too great when it comes to finding good shoes for men.

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