Simple Healthy Recipes for Men

healthy meals for men

Simple and Fast Recipes For Guys

It feels tough, doesn’t it? Coming home every day, after a long, hard day at the office and then cooking for the wife or hubbie, and kids. These days, even if you’re not living in the fast lane, staying healthy by making home-cooked meals and trying your best to a halfway decent snack at the ready is damn-near impossible. So, what do you do? Well, after the entire day of toiling away and proving yourself at work, I’m pretty sure you won’t be keen on next spending the several hours hovering over the stove, hoping you’ll makes some culinary masterpiece worthy of Jamie Oliver. Okay, we do applaud your efforts if you still decide you have both the stomach and the energy for such kitchen endeavors after a hard day’s work.

On the other hand, just have a gander at these few recipes that’ll help you get dinner or lunch on the table, in about 30 minutes or so. Admit it, they do look mighty delicious.

1. Zucchini and Bean Salad With Bulgur

Damn-well sick and tired cooking? Okay, dude, simmer down, cuz salads are probably the best thing for you. All you need is to boil water and then steam all the lovely veggies. After you’ve whipped up a quick vinaigrette, and chopped your zucchini, dill and shallot, mix it, and it’s basically ready to serve. Adding salted roasted almonds may give it a special crunchiness, and you can throw in some goat cheese to make it nice and creamy. The meal is healthy and nourishing, and is prepared quickly.

Preparation time: 20 mins
Check out the ingredients and detailed instructions.

2. Pierogies with Sausage, Cabbage & Pear

Slightly on the experimental side, because of the interesting combo of salty and sweet tastes, but a good dish nonetheless. If you prefer it, steam the dish so it has that softer texture, or if you want, fry it so it gets crispier. It’s prepared very simply. Just heat the oil in a large skillet, over medium-high heat. After that you add bratwurst and cook, breaking into pieces with a wooden spoon, until browned – this’ll take you about 6-8 minutes. Then you add the cabbage and scallions and cook, with the occasional stir, until just wilted, and that takes about 5-7 minutes. The pears, vinegar, and mustard need to be cooked until the pears are warm, which takes no longer that 1-2 minutes. Easy. The dish should be seasoned with salt and pepper.

Preparation time: 25 mins
Check out the ingredients and detailed instructions.

3. Thai Noodle Soup with Shrimp & Pumpkin

Here’s another quick soup recipe, that can last up to two days ahead (just make sure to store noodles and soup separately). The noodles have to be reheated, simply by adding a couple of splashes of water and covering them with a damp paper towel. Adding shallots and garlic, just cook, stir for a minute. Repeat the process with ginger – cook, stir, until fragrant for a minute. You may then add stock, coconut milk, pumpkin, chili paste, and brown sugar. Bring to a boil, then decrease the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, and wait until pumpkin is tender for about 10-12 minutes. Mix in shrimp and cook for approx. 1-2 minutes. Add snow peas and cook for 1 minute. Then add lime juice and fish sauce. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Preparation time: 25 mins
Check out the ingredients and detailed instructions.