Shia LaBouf’s Motivational Speech Will Motivate You To Feel Weird

Shia LaBouf, the dude from Transformers and the weirdo who recklessly harangues homeless people and gets booted from upscale theatre houses for smoking cigarettes indoors, has some sage advice for you: follow your dreams. And if you are wavering as to how to accomplish your lofty goals, he will happily attempt to scare the piss out of you with his super furiously intense “Just do it!” motivational speech. Drawing inspiration from … who the hell knows, and sporting a serious rat tail , LaBouf delivers a minute’s worth of comedy fused with the uncomfortableness of anal itching as he hollers to viewers to follow their dreams.

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It’s a short clip, so he doesn’t cover what we should do if our dreams aren’t as prestigious as becoming president of the U.S. or an astronaut. What if guys like you (no judgement) want simply to eat junk food and bang hookers all day? Should you “just do it”? That’s a dumb question. Of course you should. Now get to it …

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