Lame Pick Up Lines You Should Avoid

lame pick up linesWhen you are looking for love and fun at any kind of social scene, you know that you are going to live and die by your pick up lines. However, are you aware of the lame pick up lines that you should avoid? There are some lines that are automatic deal-breakers, so take a moment to consider these duds:
Anything About Her Dress Looking Better on Your Floor
Skip the lame pick up lines that suggest that her going to bed with you is a sure thing. This is the arena of Pick Up Artists, and those guys get lucky a lot less than they say they do.

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Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?
This old clunker is going to get you an eye roll at best. No one is delighted by this line, and honestly, it’s a hard one to deliver smoothly anyway.

My Two Favorite Letters in the Alphabet are E and Z.
First, dumb alphabet jokes are always going to mark you as a loser; skip the one about putting U and I together, too. Second, implying that a woman is easy is going to get you a lot of frosty looks and turned backs. Skip this line and use something really funny instead.

Hi, I Make More Money Than You Can Spend
Why would you start out by calling a girl a gold digger? This is one that can get a drink flung in your face.

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