Corny Pickup Lines for Guys: These Might Work

corny pickup lines for guysSince the dawn of time, men have been trying to perfect the art of the pickup line.

Adam: Hey Eve, were you made out of a rib? Because you look finger-licking good.

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Pickup lines often end in absolute failure and humiliation, but that could be because men try too hard. Women don’t always want an intense lecture on their beauty or an in-your-face statement that could lead to a restraining order. Below are some corny pickup lines for guys that might be enough to crack the ice.

You: Are your legs tired?

Her: Why?

You: Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

This one is designed more for guys looking to present themselves to girls they’ve known for a while in a “more than friends” way. It could work with casual encounters at the bar, but you might sound like a stalker, so be careful.

“Excuse me, but do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

For some women, the cornier the pickup line, the better. You will know immediately if she’s flattered or not. Even if she rolls her eyes, watch for a smile to indicate that your foot is in the door.

You: Can you spell “me”?

Her: M-E.

You: You forgot the “u.”

Her: There’s no “u” in “me.”

You: There could be.

That might be the boldest of the corny pickup lines for guys, but if you’re brave enough, it’s worth a shot. These pickup lines are sure to be successful if they are delivered well.

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