The Best Places to Meet Women

best places to meet women1You’ve probably experienced the following scenario: you and your buddies cruise down to the local bar for an evening of drinks and debauchery, then you end the night stuffing your face at a twenty-four hour diner and complaining about how hard it is to find anything more than a one-night stand. Tired of reliving the same Saturday night scene every week? Check out this guide to the best places to meet women. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get a girlfriend out of the deal.

One of the best places to meet women is the dog park. It might sound cliché, but it actually is a great spot to meet chicks because it’s a super casual atmosphere and a lot less intimidating. One, a girl isn’t surrounded by a group of her intimidating girlfriends, meaning that her guard isn’t up, making her much more approachable. Second, a dog is a great icebreaker, and you won’t look so creepy because you have your own reason for being there as well. Don’t have a dog? Just call up your buddy and ask to borrow Fido for an hour. Not only will you increase your chances of meeting chicks but your buddy will also appreciate the fact that his dog is getting a walk. Everyone wins.

The grocery store is another one of the best places to meet women. A girl’s got to eat, therefore it only makes sense that you’ll find dozens of hot chicks cruising down the aisle at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to pick up their groceries for the upcoming week.  Don’t hesitate to ask the cute girl next to you for her opinions on soy milk verses almond milk, and if you want bonus points, offer up a coupon that you so cleverly cut out from the paper earlier that morning to the chick standing in line. Chivalry comes in all shapes and sizes, and you’re certainly not hurting your chances at scoring a phone number or two in the process.

If you’re feeling extra courageous, sign up for yoga or dance classes. These are filled to the brim with hot women that are in top shape, and we guarantee you’ll be one of the few guys in there. Not only is the female to male ratio excellent but you’ll be surrounded by girls in spandex and bodysuits, twisting their bodies into all sorts of provocative positions, all in the name of exercise. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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