How To Tell If She’s Into You

How To Tell If She's Into You

Making a move on a woman is never easy. It gets even more difficult once you realize that the woman you swore was giving you the candy eye was actually giving you the stink eye. But if it makes you feel any better, your misinterpretation is pretty common among guys. A bunch of studies show that men tend to overestimate how appealing women find them. The latest research reveals that dorky, less attractive guys are the most disillusioned — the hotter they think a woman is, the more overly optimistic they are at gauging her interest level.

I can’t say I’m surprised. A few months ago I was at a wedding and a dude asked if I was single … despite having spent the last few hours joking around with my serious boyfriend. Now I’m the first to admit that women can be tricky to read, but you can’t assume that every girl who gives you the time of day also wants to give you her number. To help you avoid any confusion and potential embarrassment in the future, use these tests to decode the subtle signs that will save you from humiliation.