Great First Date Ideas

best first date ideas1Dinner. Movie. Drinks. These are the standard first dates in today’s era, but do you feel like you’re starting to run out of ammunition when it comes to entertaining a girl that you’re interested in? Perhaps you want to try something different and unique in order to guarantee a second date. Here is a list of some great first date ideas that will ensure a good time for the both of you.

If the girl you’re interested in is into the arts, you should look into taking her to a museum or art exhibit. Not only is this a low-pressure date, but it gives you two a chance to interact and engage in interesting conversation without the focus being specifically on the two of you. If the date ends up going well, treat her to coffee or dessert afterwards. And if all else fails, at least you’ll have spent an evening immersing yourself in an enriching experience.

An intimate picnic is another one of the great first date ideas that you can test out. Replace that noisy restaurant where you have to shout in order to be heard with a scenic backdrop such as the local park or beach. Not only will your date be impressed that you put in the effort, but you’ll also earn bonus points in the romance department with your thoughtful gesture.

Going out with an adventurous and outdoorsy type of girl? Some great first date ideas include a scenic hike or some other fun activity, like taking her to a baseball or basketball game. Encourage her competitive side to come out by picking opposite teams and placing a fun wager on the game, like you offering her a back massage if her team wins, or she has to give you a kiss if her team loses. Everyone comes out a winner at the end of this date.

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