The Best Ties For Men

best ties for men, CashmereTies say as much or more about a guy’s personality as any of the other clothes he wears. Along with a watch and wallet, ties are an important accessory that can be personalized to suit any mood. The best ties for men aren’t always the most expensive or the most popular brand, however. Along with shoes, a man’s tie is often the first thing women notice, and a stylish tie can accentuate even the most conservative of business attire.

Often, the price of a tie depends on the material from which it’s made.¬†Cashmere ties stand out because of how lightweight they are compared to other fabrics. The downside is that if coffee or a touch of a jelly doughnut gets on one of those ties, you’re going to have a difficult time getting it cleaned properly. For this reason, reserve these types of ties for special occasions.

Knitted silk ties are different from the standard tie in that there are no diagonal cuts at the bottom of each side; instead, they’re squared-off. These ties are primarily worn in the colder months, and are typically solid colors.

If silk isn’t your style, you can opt for a wool tie. Exclusively worn during the winter, every man that has to wear ties on a regular basis needs a few of these to add to his collection. Some of the best ties for men, wool ties are difficult to (permanently) stain, but they run the risk of wrinkling if washed improperly.

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