Modern Tools And Trends For Fantasy Exploration

cody black VDb0wxbfG6k unsplash

The liberalization of the bedroom has wonderful effects on health. Numerous studies have shown that sexual activity and experimentation is well accepted as forming a healthy part of positive mental and physical health, and that’s regardless of the tastes that a man has in the bedroom. Safe exploration is key, and technology has provided a raft of new tools to help men explore themselves and their desires in a safe manner.

The classic

Some of the most widely experienced sexual fantasies concern control and empowerment between one party and another. As ABC outlines, many partners can be concerned about such fantasies; the trick to exploring them safely is setting boundaries and safewords. Raising the bar in such experimentation comes from the clothing, devices and toys associated with the BDSM scene. New levels of devices can be powered by machine learning – yes, like AI – and help partners to respond to even minute biological markers to enhance pleasure.

Virtual reality

Virtual porn has been around for ages; shows like Black Mirror highlighted what a world with full interactive virtual sex might be like. For now, The Atlantic highlight developments in technology, and improvements in fields like visual clarity, are creating genuinely exciting new ways to experiment with sex via VR and online. This can also be an exciting way to explore fantasies that allows total safety, by giving partners the options to disconnect at any moment they desire.

More experience, more desire

Time, more than anything, has helped with exploration. Sexual fantasies are a slow-burning thing, and it can take years of consideration and practice for one person to find out exactly what they’re into. As USA Today highlights, the extra time that most people are finding they have is setting the scene for exactly that. Sexual fantasy exploration can be given the level of care and intimacy it demands to truly be explored in a safe and long-standing way. When paired with new technological innovations that make fantasy exploration safer and more intense than ever before, it’s a good time for sexual liberalization and health as a whole.

Take control, and explore your fantasies. The current climate of sexual exploration has made it easier than ever, and there’s a level of detail there to be explored that perhaps wasn’t before. Use the technology at hand – it’ll provide you with benefits you perhaps never would have perceived.