The 11 Coolest Colleges From Movies

Best Fictional Colleges and Universities in Movies

Unless you’re an idiot, you loved 2001’s Monsters Inc. But you probably left the theater or turned off the DVD player with one burning question: What were the fellas like in college? We got to see when Monster University showed us how Sully, Mike Wazowski, and the rest of the gang engaged in binge drinking, ill-advised sex, wacky practical jokes, and competitions in which they stage unlikely come-from-behind underdog victories.

Okay, so maybe a kid-friendly film won’t feature all of that. But because of the way college is almost always depicted in movies, that’s the type of experience we hoped believed would be waiting for us. (Thanks for nothing, movies!) So while the monsters enrich their minds and engage in tame hijinks in their G-rated adventure, we’ll hold onto out our fantasy of spending four drunken years at one of these 11 fictional institutions of higher learning.

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Any college that actually accepts a student simply for being an indefatigable stalker (and also accepts at least two farm animals) has just the right mix of blurry ethics and administrative incompetence to ensure a fulfilling four years.

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