Our Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2013

Systems: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Set on a Hoth-like frozen world, this third-person sci-fi survival horror game once again pits our pal Isaac Clarke against an army of space zombies who don’t die (re-die?) easily. If the sound of that sounds a little too frightening — or if you prefer to frag with friends — you can now invite one of your online friends to drop in or out of the game at will.
Release Date: February 5

System: PlayStation 3
In this prequel, Kratos tries to end his co-dependant relationship with Ares in a psychologically satisfying way: by killing the three Furies. But this third-person action game isn’t just about ol’ baldy this time — it also includes a new multiplayer mode where you can hack and slash your friends online.
Release Date: February 12