Oprah’s Questions For Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong wears helmets

Lance Armstrong gave the Livestrong staff an advanced apology ahead of his much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey. Too bad he didn’t wait until after the interview was over. Turns out, while Oprah could grill Armstrong on his years of doping, she’s going to lob him Oprah-sized softballs instead. How do we know? We got our hands on some of the questions …

• Your hair is very short. Why is that?

• Who failed to tell you doping was illegal?

• What’s the best method to combat chafing when going on long bike rides?

• Did you ever write a song about Sheryl Crow?

• How has the doping scandal affected your inner spirit?

• You get a flu shot this year?

• Why do bike helmets look so silly?

• How do you stay so skinny?

• What are your top 25 favorite things to do in France?

• Who is ultimately responsible for the doping scandal — your coaches or your teammates?

• You’re mountain biking now? That sounds fun!

• Now that all of this has come out, who are you going to date next?