Our Favorite Comic-Con Photos

san deigo comic conAbout 150,000 geeks flocked to San Diego Comic-Con this year. Many went to show off their homemade costumes, dry-hump celebrities, and earn the right to tell their buddies that they were amongst the first to know that Jurassic Park IV was given the green light.

We, on the other hand, went to watch it all happen (also, someone hooked us up with a free hotel room). We didn’t bring a costume, but we brought two things that were far more important: Our trusty man-boob-signing Sharpie so we could get autographs (thanks, Nic Cage!) and our camera. From hot chicks to goofy dudes to what we’re pretty sure is Satan in a superhero costume, here are some of our favorite characters from San Diego Comic-Con 2011 …

darth mm

Q: How do you doom Luke Skywalker to a lifetime of psychiatry bills? A: This.