Phrases That Are Trademarked … But Probably Shouldn’t Be

Trademarker: Emeril Legasse
For 16 years, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has delighted his fans — and annoyed the holy hell out of everyone else — by screaming “BAM!” every time he so much as opens the microwave. We’d show a clip of him doing it, but … it annoys the holy hell out of us. Instead, enjoy this tangentially related clip of the original Batman show!

Pat Riley
Although he led teams to five NBA championships as a head coach, Riley never managed to three-peat. (His Lakers had the chance in 1989, but the Bad Boys of the Detroit Pistons beat them in the Finals.) Nevertheless, Riley had registered the term the year before and still cashes in when a team accomplishes the feat — like the Lakers will attempt to do this season — and slaps “three-peat” on merch.