Phrases That Are Trademarked … But Probably Shouldn’t Be

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”
Trademarker: Michael Buffer
In the 1980s, Buffer was a boxing ring announcer who belted out “Let’s get ready to rumble!” whenever he hopped on the mic. Crowds loved it, and in 1992 he smacked a trademark on the phrase. That was a pretty smart move, as his saying found its way into songs, TV commercials, and hyperviolent backyard wrestling videos. Believe it or not, it’s rumored that Buffer has grossed $400 million from all the licensing.

“Ask what you can do,” “
Lessons Learned,” “The world’s thinking,” etc.
Trademarker: Harvard University
They sound like lines from a history book or business meeting. But some eggheads at Harvard submitted a request to trademark several extremely common phrases along with the Harvard “H.” (Yes, seriously, the letter H.) We’ve got two letters for you, fellas: “F” and “U.”


Trademarker: Colorado Rockies
The Rockies have made three MLB postseason appearances. And the one time they found themselves suiting up in October — sadly, the Boston Red Sox swept them in the 2007 World Series — their lawyers made a call to the legal bullpen to trademark the word “Rocktober.” Good news for the Rockies, bad news for any metal band playing a show in the month of October.